Festival of Trees

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The Festival of Trees is a special community event that is dedicated to raising funds for women and children in crisis and supporting the valuable work that Women's Community Shelters does.

Each tree has been specially decorated by community, businesses and creatives. From Disney, to Vivienne Westwood. Trees for Mum, Grandparents and baby. We even have a toilet paper tree!! All trees have some significant “added value” gifts included with it.

Bid on a Festival Tree for you, your family or your business.

All funds raised from the Festival of Trees Auction will benefit Women's Community Shelters.

We are working with a fabulous volunteer team who have created a new fundraising platform that strips out most of the fees.  It is brand new, we are helping them iron out the kinks and the only way to do that is to provide them with a test run auction ... Festival of Trees 2020 is that.  We are greatful for the support of Ashish Deepak and the MyFundraiser Team.

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Price Range

Escape with St Ives Travel

Donated by: St Ives Travel (Est. Value $60)


(2 bids)
A Posh Christmas and Happy New Yea...

Donated by: Posh Little Coo... (Est. Value $135)


(9 bids)
A Nutrimetics Christmas

Donated by: Nutrimetics (Est. Value $100)


(4 bids)
Woven with Love

Donated by: Studio Artes (Est. Value $200)


(3 bids)
Welcome Baby Girl

Donated by: Janet Morgan &... (Est. Value $900)


(1 bid)
Thank You for the Music

Donated by: Linda Lucas (Est. Value $55)


(6 bids)
A Studio Artes Christmas

Donated by: Studio Artes (Est. Value $100)


(1 bid)
A Mogo Experience

Donated by: SOS Removals an... (Est. Value $500)


(3 bids)
Paracord 1, 2, 3

Donated by: 1st Asquith Sco...


(4 bids)
A CWA Christmas

Donated by: CWA Hornsby Bra... (Est. Value $180)


(15 bids)
Christmas in the World of Disney

Donated by: Teepee Creative... (Est. Value $300)


(2 bids)
Game On!

Donated by: Hasbro (Est. Value $200)


(3 bids)
Holiday Games

Donated by: Hasbro (Est. Value $180)


(1 bid)
Get Lucky this Christmas

Donated by: Edmunds Family (Est. Value $10000)


(14 bids)
Toilet Paper Tree

Donated by: Eat Cake Create... (Est. Value $50)


(2 bids)
Christmas with Camilla

Donated by: Camilla (Est. Value $680)


(5 bids)
Spoil Yourself at the Village

Donated by: St Ives Shoppin... (Est. Value $170)


(13 bids)
Rock Around the Christmas Tree

Donated by: Teepee Creative... (Est. Value $300)


(3 bids)
Christmas with Saint Peter

Donated by: Josh and Julie... (Est. Value $900)


(4 bids)