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Level 5, 50 MP | 19 Oct Thu

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Authentic Homemade North Indian Food

When is the last time you have had real authentic home style Indian food? Come and enjoy some tasty recipes inspired by the cookbook ‘This Is What Indians Eat At Home’. The Food -------------- As the title of the book suggests, the book is a collection of Anju Deepak's family recipes of food eaten in her home. Indian food eaten at home is very different to what you get served at restaurants. It is much simpler, lighter and tastier. The chef Tom Kime is preparing following menu with the recipes described in the book. This experience can't really get any more authentic in a commercial kitchen: Chicken Tikka Kebabs Aloo Curry Vegetable Pakora Vegetable Pulao Roti Coriander and Mint Chutney Mango Pickle The Fundraiser ---------------------- Cafe05 will generously donate portion of each sale towards the fundraiser. Along with the proceeds from the event, money will be donated to the Raise Foundation which provides quality mentoring and workshops to improve the wellbeing of young people in Australia.


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Raise Foundation

What do we do
We impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengaging in Australia by providing best practice mentoring programs in high schools and in the community.

In Australia, 1 in 6 people are aged 12-24 young people in Australia experience poor outcomes in key areas. 1 in 3 are without adequate work (ie either un- or under-employed). 1 in 10 are completely disengaged from education, employment and training
1 in 4 have a mental health condition. One quarter of young Australians are unhappy with their lives. Only 32% of young people will visit their School Counsellor Australia has the fourth highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the western world. Suicide is the highest reason for death of young people

Who are we
Raise is a registered Australian charity with Tier 1 DGR status. Since our inception in late 2008, Raise Foundation has improved the lives of 3,404 young Australian boys and girls by matching them with a professional mentor to meet with regularly. We have accredited 2,418 volunteers from the community with a TAFE qualification in youth mentoring. We assist young people every day to develop their resilience and coping strategies, advance their relationships and connectedness, improve their confidence, identify and achieve their goals, and engage with education and employment.

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