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Authentic Homemade North Indian Food 2018

When is the last time you have had real authentic home style Indian food? Come and enjoy some tasty recipes inspired by the cookbook ‘This Is What Indians Eat At Home’.

The Food
As the title of the book suggests, the book is a collection of Anju Deepak's family recipes of food eaten in her home. Indian food eaten at home is very different to what you get served at restaurants. It is much simpler, lighter and tastier.

Brad (chef@Cafe05) is preparing following menu with the recipes described in the book. This experience can't really get any more authentic in a commercial kitchen:

The Fundraiser
Cafe05 will generously donate portion of each sale towards the fundraiser. Along with the proceeds from the event, money will be donated to the National Centre for Childhood Grief.

National Centre for Childhood Grief

The National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) provides loving support in a safe place, where children grieving a death can share their experience, as they learn to live with its impact on their lives.

The NCCG was founded in 1994 by Mal and Di McKissock, OAM, who are both internationally recognised for their expertise in the specialist field of childhood bereavement.

The centre also provides education and training for individuals, schools and other organisations handling the grief of children and young people.

The NCCG is a not-for-profit charity which operates at ‘A Friend’s Place’ in Sydney, Australia.

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