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Randwick | 04 Aug Sat

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Winter Dinner Party Fundraiser

A winter dinner party to connect with awesome friends while we also raise money for Milan Dhiiyaan, one of our favourite charities! Milan Dhiiyaan means ONE MOB. Milan Dhiiyaan is an Aboriginal cultural dance group led by Wiradjuri/Wailwaan songwoman Fleur Magick Dennis and Wailwaan/Yuin songman Laurance Magick Dennis. They aim to assist disadvantaged adults & children from their community in strengthening cultural identity and to facilitate healing. The songs and dances tell stories about their ancestors, country and dreaming. Milan Dhiiyan also facilitiate Aboriginal meditation circle ceremonies. Winhangadhurinya is the Wiradjuri word for meditation, deep listening, knowing, reflecting. Their workshops offer both an authentic and heartfelt introduction to Aboriginal culture and a chance to take time out in a hectic world. Helping participants develop a deeper connection to your inner self and the oneness of all that is here in this world using Aboriginal spirituality. Facebook link: Menu: Antipasto Plate with Baked Camembert Salmon and Dill Fettucine Spinach Pesto Fettucine Snacks and Nibbles Portugese tarts and Blueberry cheesecake Mulled Wine and Cocktails

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