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Perspective 2020 | Donation to Zero Childhood Cancer

We’re thrilled that you can join us for Perspective 2020. As outlined in your registration email, all AFSL holding attendees will be required to pay to attend the dinner to comply with ASIC RG246 requirements concerning soft dollar benefits. Please hit the “Contribute” button to make your $100 payment towards the Perspective 2020 gala dinner. Please note this payment will also automatically enter you into the optional trivia event we are organising for all attendees. Your contribution will be donated directly to Zero Childhood Cancer and will be matched dollar for dollar by the Macquarie Foundation, doubling the impact. A donation receipt will be emailed to you. More information about Zero Childhood Cancer can be found in the “Charity” or “FAQ” tabs. Information about Perspective 2020 can be found on the event website:

Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program is a world-class program led by the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, and Children’s Cancer Institute. It offers Australia's first-ever personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or relapsed cancer.

Every dollar donated will help children with high-risk cancers, those with less than 30% chance of survival, to have the best chance of life. And for every $20,000 raised, we will support one child through this program and potentially make a life-saving difference.

Read the FAQ to find out more about the Charity.

Zero Childhood Cancer is the largest single initiative ever undertaken for children with cancer in Australia. A truly ground-breaking program that involves doctors and researchers working side-by-side to offer Australia’s first ever personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or relapsed cancer. For more about Zero Childhood Cancer visit

When a child anywhere in Australia has an aggressive or high-risk cancer (less than 30% chance of survival) they have the opportunity for their tumour to be sent to the labs of Children’s Cancer Institute, where world-class researchers use the latest technologies to analyse that child’s cancer on a molecular level and identify drugs or drug combinations that can be used against it. The information gathered is sent to that child’s clinician who can tailor treatment based on this specific analysis. This personalised approach gives every child the best possible chance of survival and it has already proved life-saving.

Zero Childhood Cancer is a partnership between Children’s Cancer Institute and the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. The program collaborates with all eight children’s hospitals throughout Australia so that it is available to any child in Australia with a high-risk cancer. The program also involves collaborations with 23 national and international research organisations.

There are still childhood cancers today that have little or no treatment options and zero survival rate. From many years of research, we know that the challenge in treating these cancers is that every cancer and every child is different. We cannot give every child the same treatment. It simply does not work and is devastating on young bodies. To cure these children, we need examine each child’s individual cancer to understand the specific genetic changes that are driving it and offer them the most effective and safest treatment.

Every dollar raised will go to the Zero Childhood Cancer program to provide the crucial tests and analysis required to develop a personalised treatment program for each child. Each child’s tests for this life-saving program costs approximately $20,000, our goal is to fund as many children as possible to receive these tests so they can benefit from a personalised treatment to target their individual cancer.

Zero Childhood Cancer, through program partners Children’s Cancer Institute and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation are committed to a ratio of 79 cents of every dollar spent being used directly on dedicated research to help cure childhood cancer.

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